The EPA Is Coming To Get Us!

A patriot by the name of Gabe Zolna gives us his two cents on Obama’s EPA!!


  1. Copy this link and send it to people on your list. No doubt a lot of what he says will come to fruition.

  2. No matter what you think Obama is a Puppet of the International Globalist bankers. Several things in this mans video comes back to the fact there is a shadow govt,the Council on foreign relations .The cfr holds over 500 high ranking govt jobs in our govt and actually its members are our govt. from axelrod , obama he mentioned to the heads of the federal reserve. Now you may say that the CFR wants to promote U.S. Goods and international trade,they don't they are working with the U.N. set up by the globalist bankers to be the global central govt. New World order if you will. The C.F.R. is a group that fits every description of being Traitors… m
    There is far more than this to convince me that this group is deliberately undermining the sovereignty and welfare of this nation. just start searching ,this should help…. don't scoff until you have researched this,

  3. Education creates a peace loving society. It enhances the values of tolerance and patience and violence and intolerance can only be evolved through getting education.

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