The EPA Has Decided To Continue Violating The Clean Air Act

The Hill reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t plan — at least for now — to expand greenhouse gas permitting requirements beyond major industrial polluters like power plants, refineries and other big industrial sites.

“We have found that the capabilities of the state permitting authorities have not improved to the extent necessary for additional sources to be brought into the system,” the agency states in a proposal that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson signed on Friday.

The plan posted on EPA’s website Friday — comes just days before Jackson heads to Capitol Hill to defend the agency’s budget request…

This plan is illegal as the Clean Air Act says that if EPA decides to regulates greenhouse gases as a criteria air pollutant, it must regulate all sources that emit 100 tons or more. EPA has decided on its own — without the law being changed by Congress — that it won’t regulate sources that emit less than 75,000/100,000 tons.

Called the tailoring rule, EPA’s purpose is to avoid writing permits for the 6+ million sources of CO2 that emit more than 100 tons per year. EPA estimates that such a process would take three years and cost $63 billion.

Read the entire report.


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  1. they are only out to ruin industries and electrical production and ignore their mandate or the laws that allow them to operate, just more of the same Obama goals to ruin the nation.

  2. TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    the Power Hour with Joyce Riley.
    the Robert Scott Bell show.

  3. Jackson is a jack a**, not qualified to run this agency. If she want's to clean up America, give her a broom and mop, she might be able to do that. Of course she would have to be subsidized by the Obozo administration, because she will muck up the mud.

  4. we need to get rid of the EPA

    • If the Retarded Imbeciles in congress would get their Sh……..together and do something to Stop this Disgrace of epa , that would be some progress; but like always the Retarded Imbeciles could care less about this Nation the People and Business;
      the Retarded Imbeciles can`t come up with a Budget , don`t care about anything ……just their Pockets and Interests.

  5. James Fontana says:

    Take away the funding of the EPA, rescind all of their idiotic regulations and leave environmental control to the states as it should be. The constitution does not give the feds any power over the environment except to protect it from foreign attack. Put Lisa Jackson in the unemployment line too. Make her listen to stories from men and women she has cause to be laid off because of her nonsense.


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