Google’s Eric Schmidt Still Pushing Global Warming Lies

Eric Schmidt

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Environmentalists And Energy Advocates Agree: Ethanol Reform Now

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Follow We all expect to pay a price for missing deadlines—fail to pay a ticket on time, and you may find a warrant out for your arrest. But the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can apparently miss deadlines with impunity. For the past two years, the EPA has failed to meet the statutory deadline under the Renewable Fuel […]

EPA Lays Out New Rules On Coal Ash Disposal


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The End of Green Jobs

Solar panel installation

Follow The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) issued its last green jobs report in 2011. Did this mean the end of green jobs? Obviously not, but it did put an end to unjustified manipulation of reporting on the number of green jobs being created. Green job creation is the benefit recited ad nauseam by politicians […]

Megyn Kelly Interviews John Coleman Weather Channel Co-Founder Climate Change is FAKE!!!


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Coal Technology Can Free Millions From Poverty

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Follow Rather than crucifying the use of coal, why not develop newer and better coal-fired power plants, operating at higher temperatures and pressures while emitting fewer emissions. Actually such plants can be built. They are referred to as ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plants. They deserve the moniker of clean coal. Coal is cheap and available in […]

Gergen: Obama’s ‘Most Significant’ Foreign Policy Achievement Is Climate Change


Follow Once again, the mainstream media slobbers over lame-duck Obama and his “accomplishments” while in office. Follow

Germany’s “Energy Transformation”: Unsustainable Subsidies And An Unstable System

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Follow On December 3, while 190 governments were meeting for two weeks of climate change talks in Lima, Peru (which, after 30 hours of overtime, produced a compromise deal that environmental groups see “went from weak to weaker to weakest”), Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet agreed to a package that continues Germany’s optimistic—though unrealistic—goal and increases subsidies for […]

Hilarious PSA: Your “Friends” At The EPA


Follow KFYR Radio’s P.M.S. in the Morning asks: Are we doing enough to fight global warming? Let’s find out in this just-discovered “public service message” from the EPA. Follow

Still More Politicized Pseudo-Science?

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Follow Widening efforts to blame neonicotinoid pesticides for honeybee “colony collapse disorder” and other “beepocalypse” problems have taken a fascinating turn. Insisting that scientific evidence shows a clear link between neonics and honeybee population declines, EU anti-insecticide campaigners persuaded the European Union to impose a two-year ban on using the chemicals. Farm organizations and the Union’s Environment, Food, and […]