If The Goal Is “Energy Independence,” What Issues Should Be A Priority In America?

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Recently, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) sent out a “2014 Priority Issues Survey” that contained a section on energy. Section VII, asks: “Which of the following will help America achieve energy independence?” It offers five options that do little to move America toward energy independence—which isn’t even a realistic goal given the fungible nature […]

Clouds On The Solar Horizon

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Consumers considering installing solar panels on their rooftops have far more to think through than the initial decision to “go solar.” In the past year, several solar panel manufacturers, such has Florida’s BlueChip Energy and China’s Suntech, have gone bankrupt. With the shakeout in the solar photovoltaic industry, bankruptcy is a key concern for buyers. No company […]

Radicals Against Natural Gas

Photo credit: CREDO: Cuomo Policy Summit 8/22/2012 (Creative Commons)

For years, radical environmentalists have been against the Keystone pipeline because it would transport oil from Canadian Tar Sands where, they claim, more CO2 is emitted during the production of oil than from traditional methods. They have been against fracking, which has produced more jobs than any other segment of the economy over the past […]

More Fraudulent Science From Obama’s EPA


The Obama Environmental Protection Agency recently slashed the maximum allowable sulfur content in gasoline from 30 parts per million to 10 ppm. The agency claims its new “Tier 3” rule will bring $7 billion to $19 billion in annual health benefits by 2030. “These standards are a win for public health, a win for our environment […]

Learning From Extremists’ Tactics, Job Creators Sue Feds

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For years, environmentalists have usurped individual private property rights and thwarted economic development. Now, thanks to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, it appears that the job creators may have finally learned something from the extreme tactics of environmental groups, which have been using the courts to their advantage by filing lawsuits against the federal government. […]

US Electricity System Caught In Regulatory And Terrorist Crosshairs

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Government agencies are forcing us to spend countless billions on illusory risks and anti-fossil fuel mandates, while ignoring real threats to our livelihoods, living standards, and lives. America runs on electricity. Our lights, refrigerators, air conditioners and furnace controls, computers and internet, social media, radios and televisions, banks and ATMs, cell phone chargers and transmitters, electric cars […]

Three Hours Of Media Waterboarding

Daily Show

On Thursday, February 27, I received an email inviting me to be part of a segment “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” was doing on fracking. After doing my research, I agreed to a March 7 taping. Based on the pre-taping interviews, I had a sense of where it would go. I studied up as […]

Wealthy Environmentalists Push Democrats To Lean-In To Green Energy

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Despite the embarrassing history of failures, Democrats have decided to lean-in, not back-away, from so-called clean energy—and global warming, as an issue, provides the impetus for more green-energy spending. The Boston Globe reported on a recent fundraiser hosted by billionaire Tom Steyer, an Obama bundler and Center for American Progress board member donor, and Wade Randlett, a renewable energy […]

Greener Than “Green”

Murdock - Anadarko fracks

Williamsport, PA — A constant, mild hiss. That was my chief observation when I returned to Anadarko Petroleum’s Landon Pad A, a natural-gas site in Lycoming County, PA. October’s quietude was totally unlike the cyclone of equipment, personnel, and activity that had dominated this spot just four months before, when Anadarko and the American Petroleum Institute […]

He Who Controls The Energy Controls The People

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Like many conflicts before it, the current battle between Russia and Ukraine has a strong energy component. Russia supplies the majority of Ukraine’s natural gas, and Ukraine serves as a critical transit route for sending Russian natural gas via pipeline into Europe. Aware of its reliance on Russia, and seeking energy independence, Ukraine has taken […]