Horrifying Report: U.S. Government Gasses 81 Citizens


The Environmental Protection Agency has a long history of going overboard, whether through absurd levels of regulation or outlandish claims of man-caused climate destruction. What researchers within the agency did to dozens of Americans in recent years, however, strikes many as unconscionable even by its own low standard. According to reports, five EPA scientists solicited at […]

Climate Change Alarmist Reverses Course In Bombshell Interview


Geophysicist James Lovelock, who has dedicated much of his career over the past four decades to increasing adherence to the principles of man-caused global warming, is now apparently what his colleagues would derisively call a “denier.” In an interview with the BBC earlier this month, he contended that the United Nations ripped many of its recent climate […]

Environmentalist Foundations Fund Anti-Fossil Fuel Echo Chamber

Photo credit: MoneyBlogNewz (Creative Commons)

Wealthy foundations fighting oil and gas extraction around the country have incorporated ostensibly dispassionate news outlets into their grant-making portfolios, creating what some describe as a self-sustaining environmentalist echo chamber. Observers see a pattern at work: A handful of wealthy foundations fund environmental activist groups, news organizations to report on the activists’ activities, and groups […]

IPCC Insider Rejects Global-Warming Report


Richard Tol, a professor of economics at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom and an expert on climate change, removed his name from the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. While he considers much of the science sound and supports the underlying purpose of the IPCC, Tol says the United Nations agency’s […]

The Troubling Basis For EPA’s Rosy Cost-Benefit Analysis Of The Clean Air Act


Perhaps you’ve heard or seen the eye-popping statistics, trumpeted by EPA and its supporters, regarding the incredible benefits supposedly wrought by the Clean Air Act. In a recent study, for example, EPA claimed that in 2020 alone, the Clean Air Act would be responsible for “approximately $2 trillion” in benefits. Given that the costs of the […]

Adults Reject Climate Catastrophe, But Alarmists Bring In the Children

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“Beware, the youth should also be told, of Climate Kings, Climate Queens, Climate Duces, and worse masquerading as infallible purveyors of truth. Climate Planning is the fatal conceit of Economic Planning on stilts.” As has been well reported in the media, public opinion polls rate climate-change concerns at the bottom of environmental issues, not just issues in general (Gallup: 14 of 15, analyzed here). And […]

How Green Policies Hurt The Poor

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Advocates against global warming often frame the issue in terms of helping the poor. ‘You’re right, people dying thanks to climate change is some way off…’ ran one fairly typical advert recently, ‘about 5,000 miles, give or take.’ Indeed, the United Nations agrees that, looking toward the future, climate change ‘harms the poor first and […]

End Of Climate Exceptionalism

Photo credit: Oxfam International (Creative Commons)

A new report from the IPCC implies that “climate exceptionalism”, the notion that global warming is a problem like no other, is coming to an end. – Economist In spite of the spin being put on the WG2 Report by the IPCC spokespersons and other advocates for climate alarmism and mitigation, there is some thoughtful analysis […]

Did Obama’s EPA Conduct Pollution Experiments On Young Children?

Photo credit: JPott (Creative Commons)

The Environmental Protection Agency is under fire for exposing children to pollution as part of an experiment at the University of Southern California. This information is coming to light from the website junkscience.com after an investigation from the EPA’s Office of the Inspector General stated in a recent report that the EPA’s pollution experiments on […]

Conservative Group Sues EPA Over Open-Records Requests


A conservative legal group sued the EPA on Tuesday, arguing that the agency engages in political discrimination when deciding which open-records requests it will fulfill. The lawsuit comes after congressional Republicans found the Environmental Protection Agency regularly grants liberal groups a break on open-records fees, but denies conservative groups the same consideration. EPA officials have denied the charge of favoritism, but […]