Climate Change Moves “Doomsday Clock” Close To Midnight

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Follow Climate change and the threat of nuclear war are accelerating the world on a path to doomsday, according to a group of scientists and Nobel laureates. Kennette Benedict, executive director of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, said that “it is now three minutes to midnight.” The group has a symbolic doomsday clock that has […]

Al Gore, Mexican President Calderon Want To Spend $90 Trillion To Get Rid Of Cars In Cities


Follow   Former Vice President Al Gore and Mexican President Felipe Calderon proposed a $90 trillion plan to redesign every city on earth so that motor vehicles would become obsolete due to more dense populations. World Economic Forum annual meeting now: Spend $90 TRILLION to redesign cities to have no cars. — Sterling Portfolios (@SPManagers) January […]

New Proposed Obama Regulations Would Raise Gas Prices

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Follow Even though gas prices and methane emissions from fracking have significantly decreased recently – according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – the White House has proposed regulations that would cut emissions even further, raising prices once again. Obama EPA Regulations America Fracking Revolution Boom — Hydraulic Fracturing (@HydraulicFRRact) January 15, […]

For Obama And His Keystone Cops, This New Pipeline Poll Could Be A Game Changer

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Follow Buoyed by outspoken environmentalists, climate change doomsayers, and liberal lawmakers, President Obama has repeatedly threatened to veto any bill that Congress might send him to authorize the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a measure to move forward with the controversial pipeline project. That legislation is now […]

Just As Consumers Catch A Break On Gas Prices, Look What Pelosi And Company Want To Do


Follow Crude oil prices have fallen even further on world markets, with the price of a barrel of crude hitting its lowest point in six years on Tuesday. And according to Reuters, traders expect to see more price declines in the weeks and months ahead. The downward pressure is so great that even record Chinese crude […]

Revealed: Obama’s Biggest Taxpayer Funded Classrooms Used For Teaching Global Warming Doctrine


Follow Even as we’re heading into the colder months of the winter season, your thoughts may be turning to the kind of vacation you’d like to take when the weather turns warmer. Some of the more popular destinations in America are, of course, our treasured National Parks. According to a recent article in The Washington Post, there […]

This New Report On Hurricanes Is Sure To Get A Stormy Reception By Climate Change Alarmists

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Follow On the website of The Nature Conservancy is the kind of matter-of-fact conclusion based on “scientific research” that you can find repeated, echoed, and amplified by numerous groups promoting a government-driven climate change agenda. Scientific research indicates that climate change will cause hurricanes and tropical storms to become more intense — lasting longer, unleashing stronger winds, and […]

EPA Proposes New Rules On Ozone


Follow The EPA proposed new rules on ozone today. The rules for ozone would lower the current ozone emission standards from 75 parts per billion to 70 to 65 parts per billion. The agency said it would even take comments on ozone levels as low as 60 ppb. Smog-causing ozone is linked to asthma and other health […]

The Other Really Big Loser In The Senate’s Rejection Of Keystone May Change Politics Forever


Follow In a dramatic decision that many saw as critical to the re-election prospects for embattled Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, the U.S. Senate fell one vote short Tuesday night of authorizing construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. Senate Democrats filibustered the Keystone bill, leaving the upper chamber’s tally one vote shy of the 60 needed […]

Senate Falls One Vote Shy Of Passing Keystone XL Pipeline

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Follow In a narrow defeat Tuesday, a bill to approve the construction of an oil pipeline extending from Canada to Texas failed the latest vote. Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu faced significant backlash from critics in her own party upon reintroducing the legislation and working diligently to attract the 60 votes needed to pass the bill. In the […]