Review: This Film Exposes How The Green Movement Isn’t Actually About Saving The Planet


Follow Jeffrey D. King wrote, directed, and produced the film “Blue.” The film takes aim at the Green movement by contrasting it with the “Blue” movement. The Blue movement values man strongly, not just the earth in which he lives. In fact, the film takes a Christian view of man, in which man is not […]

Obama Taunts Global Warming Skeptics In Candid Speech

Obama Keystone Pipeline

Follow Appearing before a friendly crowd Wednesday at the annual dinner for the League of Conservation Voters, Barack Obama mocked those in Congress who dare question his views regarding man-caused global warming. “Hello, hello, hello! Hello!” he responded upon taking the stage. “It’s good to be back!” After the initial applause died down, Obama quickly transitioned to […]

Déjà Vu: Missing Emails At The Center Of Issa’s Latest Inquiry

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Follow Even as two House committees look into allegations that a hard drive crash resulted in the disappearance of countless vital emails, the Environmental Protection Agency refuses to respond to a subpoena issued last year demanding the release of emails and other documents. The investigation sought to determine whether the White House attempted to influence the agency […]

Disgusting: You Won’t Believe What Is Filling The Hallways At This EPA Facility

Photo Credit: Jarlhelm (Creative Commons)

Follow For an agency determined to regulate the behaviors of everyone else, employees of the Environmental Protection Agency often seem to act as though anything they do is permissible. As an example, one agency official was caught earlier this year spending up to six hours per day viewing pornography on his work computer – and the […]

This Popular Comedian Just Ripped Apart Environmental Extremism…And Obama!

Photo Credit: Facebook/Paul Rodriguez

Follow While he might not disagree with its goal in theory, comedian Paul Rodriguez has some harsh words for environmentalists who place a higher premium on their pet cause than on the well-being of fellow humans. In a recent podcast appearance, the entertainer explained how this ideology has negatively affected his mother, who operates a small […]

Wind Farm Locations

Photo credit: ali_pk (Creative Commons)

Follow Wind farms come in various ratings and dimensions. Knowing where wind turbines are located, and what the physical dimensions are for each turbine, should be helpful for those who are either interested in how wind turbines are affecting certain locations, or what their impacts have been. The USGS has developed a map that shows […]

Obama’s EPA Head Attempted To Go On Reddit As A PR Move. And It Backfired… Big-time


Follow The popular site Reddit, which enjoys a faithful following among far-left ideologues, proved recently that its users – known as redditors – will not support someone simply because he or she is affiliated with the Obama administration. One popular feature on the site is the AMA, or Ask Me Anything, which allows users to […]

Obama Couldn’t Pass Up The Chance To Make This Event All About Climate Change

Photo credit: SS&SS (Creative Commons)

Follow After receiving a halfhearted welcome by graduates – punctuated by less than one in four giving him a standing ovation – at West Point, Barack Obama used much of his time as commencement speaker shilling for the ostensible need for climate activism. “Keep in mind, not all international norms relate directly to armed conflict,” he told […]

Cap-And-Trade Inevitable Thanks To This Government Agency

Photo credit: katerkate (Creative Commons)

Follow Not unlike many of Barack Obama’s other policy proposals, the idea of cap-and-trade legislation meant to financially penalize producers for carbon emissions failed to gain traction through the legislative process. Also in keeping with his modus operandi, though, he is not giving up on the plan. According to recent reports, Obama is likely to use […]

Climate Scaremonger Warns Of Impending Need For Cannibalism


Follow Stanford University’s Paul Ehrlich is no novice when it comes to predicting man-caused apocalyptic events. Nearly a half century ago, the biologist wrote a book assuring the world that overpopulation would lead to widespread starvation within the next few decades. In the 1970s, his book The Population Bomb alleged, “the world will undergo famines” during which […]